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Community Bridges, Inc (CBI), is a non-profit, 501c(3) organization founded to provide mental health services, workforce development and goal and life coaching. To increase awareness of available community resources and how to obtain them, to help them identify their needs and strengths, to determine a clear plan of action for their lives, and the steps needed to be successful. We propose to offer this assistance through various counseling services, coaching, and therapeutic mentoring. Additionally, pastoral counseling is available.

Our Mission

Community Bridges is a mental health organization that offers counseling, pastoral counseling, therapeutic mentoring, coaching, and advocacy services to culturally diverse communities.


“Keeping our children in their community”

Onsite Provisions

Onsite we offer office space where families and youth may come in and meet face to face with staff in privacy for sessions. We will also offer offsite peer mentorship and therapeutic training and support meetings for the youth. In pre agreed upon circumstances we will accompany families to court, and advocate for family where needed and assist with applying for community resources



Carolyn Burke

Pastor, Pastoral Couples Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist. Couples Retreat Facilitator and Life Coach.

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Jennifer Morris Pina

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and is currently a certified life coach to compliment a strong background in the field of human services.


Charles Jones

Charles Jones has his MS in social work and has been an in home family therapist for several years.


Geneva Gomes

Geneva Gomes has been a lead daycare teacher in the New Bedford area for four years. 

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