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Carolyn is a mom, wife, and community advocate who cares deeply for the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional well-being of people in her community and has volunteered, worked in, and advocated for those who cannot raise their own voices. Carolyn  believes that every person should have equal access mental health services and all things thst bring them peace and joy.

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Jennifer Morris Pina

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and is currently working on her Life Coaching Certification to compliment a strong background in the field of human services. She has a substantial history of guiding others to maximize their true potential and has enjoyed working with diverse populations. Jennifer’s skill set includes interviewing, assessment, counseling and goal identification and attainment. She participated in the successful development of the IDDI Leadership Series for employees and presented workshops on the topics of Work Ethic and Effective Communication. Jennifer believes personal examination and lifelong learning are the keys to living a meaningful and fulfilling life. She has a strong focus in customer service and building successful relationships. Her interests are the cumulative result of her experience and the realization that soft skills must accompany the technical skills that are demanded in a fast-paced society. Jennifer’s goal is to provide a place for thoughtful dialogue, introspection and meaningful contribution while encouraging understanding and growth.

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Charles Jones was born and raised in Liberia, a tiny West African country located on the Atlantic coast. He spent his youthful years in the country's political capital, attending primary and secondary school. He graduated from the Monrovia College and Industrial Training school in 1997. 

Charles and his six siblings resettled in Toronto, Canada in 2005 after experiencing a brutal Civil War in his home country that resulted in the deaths of thousands of people, including his parents. Charles started his first job at an auto plant but later decided to go back to school after five years of working as an automaker.

In 2008, Charles started school at the Sheridan College where he studied Social Services. He obtained an Associate Degree with honor in 2010. Later that year, Charles enrolled at York University to study Sociology but left in 2012 to join his wife in the United States after four years of separation. 

Charles Jones entered the University of Rhode Island where he studied Human Development and Family Studies. He graduated with a BSC in 2015 and later enrolled in the social work master program at Simmons College. Charles graduated in 2018 with his Master of Social Work.

Charles Jones currently works at Child and Family Services as In Home Therapist. Charles has vast experiences working with individuals and families experiencing or have experienced trauma, individuals struggling with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues, and individuals physical disability, utilizing  strength-based approaches that support the individual’s treatment goals. Charles Jones has worked with different populations and ages, but has an adept understanding of children aged 6 to adolescents. 

Charles Jones is married with two beautiful children. 

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Bryce Burke

Meet Bryce Burke one of our Therapeutic Mentors. Also a Content Creator and Delivery Associate for Amazon. He is a modest, family oriented, hardworking man. He prides himself on being a dreamer and believing that nothing is out of reach as long as you work hard and set attainable goals to reach the point of prosperity. Growing up in the west end of New Bedford wasn’t the easiest thing for Bryce but, his passion for music and strong mind kept him out and trouble and focused! His extroverted and engaging personality landed him a picture on the front of the Bristol community college campus in his hometown of New Bedford, MA from which he graduated from with an associates degree in liberal arts. He plans to help children and young adults learn how to love themselves and raise their self esteem. Something that he himself struggled with for most of his adolescent life into early adulthood. 


Geneva Gomes

This is Geneva Gomes. She is twenty-four years old. She has been a lead daycare teacher in the New Bedford area for four years. Working with the youth has been a big part of her life from an early age. When she was ten years old, she completed a babysitting course through the YWCA and earned a certification in CPR and childcare. Afterwards, she dove right in, expanding her knowledge of not only how to connect with children but also to understand how to help them work through mental health difficulties that are far too common. In high school, she developed an interest in psychology and continued with that interest in college. She is an active member of the organization, 3rd Eye Youth Empowerment as a volunteer, workshop facilitator, and music artist. She helped facilitate the “Your New Deadford” Survivor Series workshop. It was geared towards teaching the youth skills in writing, introspection, and drawing. Through that opportunity, she co-founded and facilitated the W.O.A.H. (Work, Open, Attitude, Habit) workshop. This workshop is focused on healing and growing through the art of writing.  She is currently studying for her bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology. Her goal is to be a pillar of comfort and encouragement for those who have been through traumas. She believes that no matter what someone has been through, if they can feel understood and find an outlet for their emotions they can and will overcome anything.

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